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Poems in the Morning


I’ve outgrown my hair

The hair that's held me for 7 years

I looked in the mirror

And got sick of hiding behind it

My softness and femininity

No longer tied to the thing that

Was so obvious for others to see

I have no regrets

Except when I’m insecure

I wonder what the hell did I just do?

Why didn’t I just shave half

Like the fly lady in target

There’s always twists and braids

For moments like those

But for now

We bald girl

I been embracing myself

Under difficult circumstances

Being alone and motherless

I somehow am never lonely

And rarely sad

But I do miss the surety of these

Intimate types of relationships

I am anchoring to the new image

The one that doesn’t have hair to hide behind

Or to swing while I sway and giggle

I must just dance

I must just laugh

And that will be enough for me

Why wasn’t it before?

Queen of Disks

How sweet it is to wake up and know

Love awaits

Exists so freely

That its natural

Love that is non-performative

Rooted in care and honesty

I'm blessed to know the love

That would prefer

To be with me than anywhere else

Where I don't have to wonder

And they understand fullness

And overflow

And want to try

To give me the world

Love that will burn it all down

To get me back

Warning! Police Ahead. Black Man, run!

There’s a man in my bed

I don't know who he is

Only that he’s tall, dark and handsome

And has excellent music taste

This man seems to

Enjoy my presence

Daily, seeking me out

But upon meeting him in the middle

He’s never there

I’ve never dated an Aquarius before

Somehow I can’t seem to catch him

He evades serious questions like

When you see the police down a street

And you drive the other way

Is it that you don’t feel safe?

Because I have you

In my home with

Toys on the floor

And cleaned dishes for 2, drying

But it's not enough to anchor you down

Enough to dive in my depths

It's not enough to

Get you to keep going

When you see cop cars

1 Comment

Antoine Lucus
Antoine Lucus
Aug 30, 2021

Your locs didn't make you, they were additives to your description for those who don't know who you are. To know that you are so much more should be a special thing to realize, like the epiphany to know you are the shit regardless. It must've felt like releasing yourself from shackles that. There are many who cant even see the shackles that tie them to such things.Your posts have showcased a person who loves, lust, ponders, considers, regrets and stand firm. You are on the journey to be a more complete person it's really awe inspiring. To feel the wind at your neck and the to press forward. Please keep marching, keep creating, keep taking the risk to be…

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