Welcome to Off the Socials!

Off The Socials is a lifestyle blog dedicated to the liberation of people who seek to spend their time more intentional in the world. In the age of technology more and more folks spend time scrolling for scrolling's sake. This plays into larger systems as your data is being used constantly to promote ideas and sales.

Here in this safe space, I urge everyone to get closer to themselves by simply experiencing the world around them. You can expect consistent posts, reflections, suggestions, and honest dialogue as we journey together to become our highest selves. All are welcome.

Thank you for being here.

Woman Behind the Words

Hey Ya'll,

I am Earlene Stevens (she/her), the woman behind the words. I'm a mom, Elementary School Teacher and most recently a Reiki Practitioner. I have a deep love for words so naturally I enjoy poetry, music and all things that make life beautifully worth living. It is my belief that life is meant to be lived. Yet, like most folks I have found myself engaged in many unintentional hours on my daggone phone! Journey with me as I reduce my screen time and tap, tap, tap more into the world around us.