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Welcome to Off the Socials!

Off The Socials began as a lifestyle blog dedicated to the liberation of people who sought to spend their time more intentionally in the world. It is currently ever expanding with the life of its creator as a safe space with gentle nudgings for likeminded folk to read, and get free through the gentle exploration of self through language, thought, and healing modalities such as breathwork, reiki and more.

You can expect offerings, reflections, and honest dialogue as we remember who we are and cultivate home within ourselves. All are welcome. Thank you for being here.

Woman Behind the Words

Earlene is a mom, teacher, and practitioner of the healing arts. She utilizes the breath, active touch and movement to facilitate self healing within the body. She is currently a Breathwork facilitator and attuned in Reiki II. It is her deep belief that joy and pleasure is the birthright of everyone and we all possess the innate power and ability to heal. 

She facilitates from a trauma informed perspective gently taking voyeurs on a journey of healing and self remembrance.


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