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What is "Off The Socials"?

This blog is not about me, it’s about us.

How many times have you reviewed your screen time usage on some app only to come up in shock? If you’re like me, you switched that option off. Who wants to track that? Beyond that, who wants the guilt that comes with it? To know you have spent that much time scrolling. It makes you wonder how many unsolicited ads you’ve looked at. How much time you won’t get back. This blog is about us and the obligation we have to ourselves.

I got you. No, you got you. Thank you for being here because Friend, we’ve got more stuff in common than you think. I too am completely fascinated by my own habits. More than that, I am interested in getting my hours back. #ReclaimingMyTime.

This blog ensures only one thing. One goal. A more present you. I invite you to come on this journey with me as we put down our device and pick up our lives. The you that you have always been waiting for is not at the end of your social media feed or in those new shoes an ad just “happened” to know you would like. You are already the you you want to become.

Let’s put our phones down and give real living a shot.

With All My Love,



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