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And Then There were 2.

Relationships can be the biggest distraction from ourselves. We ride that newness high well until the wheels fall off and even after that… confused why things aren't the same. We’ll drive ourselves in an attempt to keep going off the fumes. But it's not just the newness. That kind of intimate love is such a beautiful, euphoric, harmonious love to be able to experience with another. Sharing ourselves with others. #2 Is a very intoxicating place to be in and by nature can be isolating if you allow it to be. I do. Actually, oops I did it again. I’m not a person that learns my lessons very easily.

Even in this, I have to tiptoe around being harsh in tone and hard in language with myself. In order for this to be the revelation that it needs to be, I need to deliver this to myself, in love. Houston, we have a problem.. with moderation. Allowing for love to be all encompassing without pause can cause a great strain on that relationship, but not before it depletes you first. In fact.. What came first is the self depletion, then the strain and now what? Your beautiful rhythm is disrupted because you forgot about the main character in your story. You. You gorgeous, expressive, creative, funny, compassionate, dynamic human!!!


But, what’s for you is for you. It will not pass you by. It’s all there for you to pick back up and pick it back up you shall. So I am in a state of resurrection. Not that I was dead.. Just a little dormant in some things while giving energy to other areas. So I return back to paying myself some damn mind. This is that for me.

Also, I have a 2 month old. So your girl is now a mama of 2. She's very cute and up at all weird girl hours of the night. I like sleep 'round here with the moon, which is clearly her hours of operation. My 8 year old is turning 9 and life is happening FAST and continuously. How dare I not be pursuing my interests in the midst of it!? TF!?

Back to the regularly scheduled program of writing, sharing, and connecting.

Also, I’ll be doing some group breathwork classes in february for free 99.

There’s my accountability right there! Can’t wait to connect with ya’ll soon!!!


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