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The Good Fight

My account got hacked.

I am so surprised that there are people in the world willing to jump through hoops to gain access to MY accounts. I am after all a teacher, the same profession that coined the phrase “ya’ll/we don’t get paid enough”. But nonetheless, just like that, someone made it their mission for an hour today to attempt to login to my PayPal account. I know because I received the email notifications alerting me of a new login, 2 step account verification, and an email address change. They were working hard. Thankfully, no transactions were made and I fixed the issue. Nonetheless, I am still a bit shaken. I debated sending a nasty email. Oh, how eloquently I would read the mf who dared to try and do me wrong!

Just a week ago I was frontin’ on myself. Downplaying my capabilities and dragging my feet when it came to my own affairs. Monday-Friday I teach summer school. I am only there for half-day. But I am there. Teaching requires much more than showing up and often I have found myself taking 2 hour long naps after.

I been.. Waking up and not knowing where the day has gone. Not having the energy to invest in my own business venture which feels more aligned and within reach than anything else I do. For some reason, I’ve been waiting a signal or a sign. Some type of big message to boost my ego and/or drive that would get me started on the path. There hasn’t been one. Just me, day by day napping like a cat and pondering my ventures daily.

My late mom used to say “when you leave the house, it don’t matter if you were just fighting with your brothers and sisters, don’t let nobody see that. You stick up for them and fight for your family” Does this really need an interpretation? Keep your family business where it is, and always remain a united front in front of others. Don’t let them see ya’ll sweat. Let them see your strength in coming together if they thought you were ever alone. She would say a bunch more after that, oh the details of how to fight! Lol! But we get the point.

While I fronted on myself all week, I was not going to take this hacking shit laying down. I called paypal, dealt with the automated lady and locked it. Live customer service hours began at 7am pacific time. It was 6:50 Eastern. I would not wait. I hacked my way back into my own account. Knowing the new email from the alerts and noticing my card was still on file. I of course verified my info because… it’s MY info and promptly removed any traces of that person ever being linked to me. PayPal hasn’t even opened yet I solved my own problem. I wish life were this easy, and it could be if I allowed it. I may not have all the answers. I may also be at war with myself, but I for damn sure, aint gon’ let a hacker run me over while I’m down. Fight for yourself like a MF coming for your sis. We are not going completely down without a HARD struggle.

Instead of being on the socials…

Give your dreams a go like somebody told you that you could never because lowkey, you’re probably frontin on yourself, but you don’t have to. Give your dreams a go like they tried to hack your PayPal account while you slept and removed your email from your own shit. YOUR shit. Remember this is your life. Fight hard for yourself. Fight hard for your dream. Create an affirmation that brings forth the warrior spirit in yourself. Here’s mine: Even when I don’t feel like it, I am still worthy of success. My dreams deserve a good fight.

Repeat daily. If you’re like me, waiting for a sign. Here is your sign. There are MF’s in the world who want access to you, brilliant people, hackers, the works. And you are sleeping on your gift. Baby, please don’t. Do the thing! Create, be visible. Show up for the life you want to live today. It is a choice away. Your dreams deserve a good fight.

Photo credit: My sister/cousin, Erica Shipman.

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Antoine Lucus
Antoine Lucus
Jul 18, 2021

Keep showing up for yourself, happy you resolved your issue. Keep pursing what you want for future you.

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