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For Damn Sure

Everyday, your time is your own.

It is yours while you work, it is yours when you clock out, it is yours even when you choose to give it away. As a person with 4 siblings and who has usually been in a relationship in my adulthood I have been finding some challenges with sitting with myself.

I have been thinking and doing more, with my own care in mind. I have found it so peaceful to be in this state. Creating the things I want to create, doing the things that I want to do, speaking the words that need to be said. It has felt like freedom to really be in my own body without the filtration that happens when you are considering another. Why didn’t I do this earlier? A few different reasons, but mostly because we get taught to be more considerate of others than ourselves.

I am releasing this. My experience of happiness is not based on others. I get to curate the things that bring me deep joy and allow for them to fill my own cup.

So I been…

Doing more shit that makes me smile. Like waking up to silence. Writing, stretching, speaking deeply nourishing words to myself out loud. I feel empowered to be in my skin and I wish this feeling for everyone.

Apart of being intentional, for me, began with a list. Simply listing the person I want to be in the future. Some of those things included being more adventurous, and confident. Some were simple titles like writer, healer and jogger. Some were things I already am, and wanted to remain. Each day I am choosing myself enough to take steps closer to being all the things on that list. That woman to me, is so damn fly. And naturally, I’m fly for being on the journey to becoming.

So your assignment Dear, is to make that list. Instead of being on the socials

Be honest. Leave outside influences at the door. Who do you want to become? You are completely worthy of your own time. Completely deserving of taking the steps to become the you that you want to be. Within reason, take those steps. Each day do a little something. Each day choose yourself by spending time with yourself and building the foundations for the person you want to be. I can say really corny things like “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and “Steve Jobs had to put in daily work to become who he was” We know this to be true already. It is on my heart to say this: You are for damn sure worth your own time. Tap into your own world.

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