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Poetry in the 1st Quarter

I'm remembering vulnerability is strength. It takes an immense amount of strength to be who you are. That the flex is not how we look but how we are. We have a duty to ourselves to live fully.

I conquered another therapy assignment. I emailed my subscriber list. Here's to sharing a little more. I love how letting people in is an actual part of healing.. the community.

Happy reading loves


Grace to yourself beloved

Love to yourself beauty

For you've survived another night

Alone but whole

Alone and respected

Alone and loved

By God, your ancestors, your children and community

For exactly who you are

Where you are

And you haven't been dishonored

While someone calls it love

At 3am walking though the house

Warm feet hitting cool floors to the bathroom

Mind clear of the actions of another

When it was once so cloudy

It takes courage to be here

Strength to stay

Wisdom to know

Not to cower your hearts desires

For the warmth of another body in your bed

Say what you mean

Mean what you say

Everyday recognize its God

Giving you another chance to dance

When you useta sway

To smile in the mirror

To feel the sun on your face

To smell your babies

To drink green tea with honey and lemon

To hear wind chimes

Put your feet down and walk

One step at a time

toward the beauty of life

and the beloved woman who graciously holds it all


Don't it always seem to go

You won’t know

Till it’s too late

Till I’m long gone

That all of what I was asking for

Was simple

And well within your range to do

You won’t know

How easy things were


Till they’ve gotten

Terribly hard for you


And I won’t be available

To ease the blow

To pat your back

To rub your feet

To make the lunches

You stopped eating

long ago


Its a hard thought

To conclude

That the Earth only

spins when I turn it

Thoughts are not reality

But these responsibilities weigh heavy

Even more so now that

you. are. not. here.

Nor are you a safe space

My dream reminded me

That you will always be

Available to others

Never fully accessing

a wholeness for yourself

never fully

actualizing your potential

I did a thing

By cutting the chord

And ending the cycle

That would've kept me


Not believing my own truth

Do tell me

How does it feel

to make yourself blind?


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