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TV on Tuesday with Chapelle

I watched the Dave Chapelle Netflix comedy special and enjoyed it.

Really it was an interesting way to look at how people view the LGBTQ community in comparison to being black. Chapelle tells jokes in one of my favorite ways because they make me think while I crack up. Even in that there were parts where I didn’t laugh. But also parts that I understood.

And then the internet broke after everyone viewed the Chapelle special. I thought… people highkey got offended off of what they THOUGHT and probably didn’t even watch the special. But they did, and I read their points and they were valid.

Here's why:

Black people can’t afford to be divisive, but we are. No matter our differences, we are still being exterminated like vermin in America through ultimately what is capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy. Probably some more shit. You get my drift though. Black people in this country have literally had to affirm “Black Lives Matter” because of obvious disregard for our humanity.

When we get to say things that were said in the Chapelle’s comedy special, ultimately we are furthering the divide because there are black people who exist in the LGBTQ communities. Furthermore, they are more likely to be targeted and marginalized because they identify as part of these communities in addition to ALREADY BEING BLACK.

I am aware that Chapelle does not hate trans people. I am aware that he may not withhold opportunity or show a basic level of respect. What I am saying is that there are people who are very much NOT like Chapelle watching. He can’t control who watches. Only what he says. And the things said make the atmosphere real cozy for people who already have misunderstandings and hate for the LGBTQ community. So if anything, his Netflix special was irresponsible art. That is my critique.

The hate and for some, willing confusion is in our conversations behind closed doors over game nights and dinners. It's how we speak to our kids and make outdated jokes we have heard since growing up. It’s even how we parent, showing our kids hypersexual images in order to not turn them gay. Or slap down their curiosity by saying “thats for boys” or “thats for girls”. Whole time people were going to people and be who they were regardless of influence. Its called being human. And it's lazy work to not understand other people’s human experience. But people don’t think twice about it. Instead, they perpetuate it everyday. Which honestly, is some white shit. Look at white supremacy, sneaking its way through how we interact with kin. Othering those who have already been othered by them.

Really we live in the age where people don’t even know how WiFi works, and will still Google the nearest brunch. But black trans people have a life expectancy of 32 years old, and we don’t even wonder why? This Dear, is what I’m talking about. Ain’t no way there’s a whole group of black people having a life expectancy for 32 years of age, and one of our own puts our Netflix specials about a group of people who include them and think we can afford to keykey.

Intersectionality is a thing. It’s when you can exist as part of multiple groups of people, some may overlap and that may cause them to be even more marginalized. For example: People who are black AND trans.

Ask a black person who’s their favorite comedian, he’s top 5 for most. My point being is that he is respected, and has influence. The jokes that were made makes people complacent in their transphobia. Ionlikedat. Because there are black trans people who will continue to be misunderstood, held back and exploited.

One of us ain’t free till we all free. I’m talking about all the black people when I say that. Not just the ones we identify as at the cookout. I want the cousins who come late, the gay cousins, the trans cousins, the disabled cousins, all of us! I use the term us because really we ain’t that damn different. But some of us are wedded to our misunderstandings of sex and gender and THAT Dear is what will get your invitation revoked, cause ain’t no way that Chris, now trans, Christina, told ya’ll their pronouns and you still wanna try to be funny.

Instead of being on the socials

Ask more questions when you don’t understand. Challenge yourselves beyond what you have thought to be true when it comes to another human’s lived experience. Give yourself some compassion when you’ve been wrong, and move to make amends. These conversations gotta happen more at our dinner tables, at the game nights and the cookouts. All black people deserve their humanity recognized simply because they exist. Remember that.

Also, God don’t make no mistakes. Love on some black people today ya’ll.


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