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Big Leo Energy

I got mistaken for a Leo and it was a lowkey flex.

First of all, I am a whole Pisces. If you know Pisces people we are notoriously sweet, dreamers and lovers. We are also hugely empathetic and highkey self sacrificing. But here’s the thing about astrology, it is not a crutch. It is a tool.

The closer to 30 I get, the more I recognize traits in myself that no longer serve me. I am aware of how easy it is to feel what others are feeling. I am also aware that it is exhausting for me to engage in that way of being all the time. In the past I have poured directly from my own cup into those of others emotionally, mentally and financially. To what avail? The satisfaction of knowing that I did for someone else what I do not do for myself? All of the compassion, and tenderness I have for others were not being turned on for myself by me. I have had a selfless existence so far.

A light switched recently in my head and I knew I could no longer pour directly into others in the same way. I am learning boundaries with my well being at the center of it all.

The reason why the mistaken zodiac sign was a lowkey flex is because Leo’s center themselves. Always. Lol! It is comical for me to sit back and watch a Leo be in full form! I have intimate familial relationships with Leo’s in my life. My oldest brother, my niece/bestie, and my recently transitioned mother. The level of care they give to themselves is unmatched. Talk about self care! They are the flyest, most unbothered and confident in the room. They will get themselves some flowers before you think to! Try to buy a Leo a gift, they’ll send a list for you to choose from. They teach people how to treat them often, and they often have boundaries that are centered around themselves.

I was describing my self talk in the mirror to someone interested in me and he thought it was funny and then asked “what’s your sign? Are you a Leo?”. In that moment I felt so self conscious by what I was projecting. A myriad of things came up. First, I was flattered that it was assumed I thought that highly of myself. Then, came the other thoughts. Was I being too much? Was I doing the most in this conversation? Who the hell did I think I was? But… it felt so good for me to be this way. To be saying the words I wanted to say, in the animated way I said them, no code switching, just this NY accent. It felt so good to be completely myself. I like me in full form! No stranger would sway that. So, in that moment I held on tight to me and did not abandon myself. In fact, I told him I was flattered. And I am.

I am my favorite version of me in my whole adulthood right now. I nurture, I empathize, I listen, and am sweet to myself first. I give others my overflow, because the fullness of my cup is reserved for me. I am deserving of all of these things and so much more.

Instead of being on the socials, speak kindly to yourself. Comparison is a great joy-stealer. Other people's opinions of you can fill you up or take you out. Why rely on them to do for you what you can do for yourself? Adorn yourself in all the beautiful words you wished another would say. Love on yourself in a way that no one can possibly understand the depths of. It’s still Cancer szn, but tap into that big Leo energy and see what it does for you.

Thanks for being here,


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Antoine Lucus
Antoine Lucus
Jul 05, 2021

Great job on the self awareness. It's great to see the level of self love in this post.

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