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Staying Free

The sun rises past 7am these days.

And I am slightly annoyed that we are moving into colder months. Less sun. I feel more lethargic. The best of my energy gets spent doing things I don’t take much joy in doing and then I’m spent. Succumbing to being tired and withdrawn.

I miss the me from a month ago. I wouldn’t go down without a fight. Are these 2/7 days that we dare call a weekend enough to reignite the the old me and bring her forth? She was flying high on joy. A vivacious thang. And I am jealous of her.

Joy is so important ya'll. And I need to prioritize it and do so much more to get it back to where it was before. This summer, I have learned that it isn’t enough to fill up on one thing alone. One expression of joy, one person, one thing. No. Joy must be spread across generously throughout our day. That is how I get back to month ago me.


We have to continue to prioritize your joy, because otherwise, you let everything else win, while you sit there, stuck and drained with a bottle of wine at 5pm on a Wednesday. Judge ya mama. And on that win part, WE DESERVE TO WIN. This is why joy is so radical. To still smile, to still groove, to still be in bliss despite things that are daunting and glum. I like us wild, free and all hyped up on joy. Like on Saturdays.

I think about Saturday nights and how I am probably my best then. I am so ready! Well rested, well oiled and radiant. So ready to engage in some more joy, after a day of small wins. Saturday I Lebron James shit in my joy bucket. I walked, hit a layup in my joy bucket. I listened to a dope podcast, a 2 pointer in my joy bucket. Good loving? A 3 pointer lol! Ya'll get the point though.

I been finding myself scrolling more. That's right. On the damn socials. The interweb offers a slight reprieve from the irritancy of a joyless reality. When I start scrolling more I know that is me trying to get small doses because I am missing the bigger picture. That I am not engaging enough in shit that I like and now I'm worried about ya'lls lives! Other people are fly, but so am I. So much so that I deserve my own damn time. So I made a list of things that bring me joy and if you find yourself scrolling too much, then I'd suggest you do the same. And be honest. My list won't look like yours and that's cool too.

Joy list

Beautiful scents

Lively conversation

Seeing new places

Getting quiet


Bodies of water



Writing beautiful words

Working on my blog

Wearing fly shit

Connecting with people

Trying new things



Wining and dining


So now I ask you Dear.. what makes you happy? How do you plan to keep your joy as the days get shorter?

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